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About us

How We Got Started

Red's Auto Rehab was founded by Sean Van Horn, a mechanic, who got frustrated with replacing the OEM transmission cooler hoses on a customer's truck repeatedly. In the summer of 2009, he came up with a solution all on his own, of manufacturing these out of hydraulic hose. In January of 2010, after installing these kits on several customer's trucks, he decided to market these on ebay. They did so well there, that within a couple of months, redsautorehab.com was born. At the time, we lived in Utah, and Sean worked for an independent repair facility. We have since moved to Cornville Arizona, and opened our own repair shop in April of 2014. Red's Auto Rehab is a full automotive repair facility, where we do all repairs on any vehicle, except for tires, alignments, and body work. We build custom hydraulic hoses in house, cut and program most keys and remotes, plus we even do some fabrication work. We are a licensed automotive locksmith through NASTF.